Style Options

The following is a compilation of some of the different styles I offer. Don't see exactly what you're looking for? Send me an email with your ideas to {darlinggirlpaper [!at]}

Each of the following cootie catchers have room for 8 Questions and Answers about the Bride & Groom.
Reception Program
When are we eating? Who's that talking? Let your guests in on what's going on at your reception by including a Reception Program with details like when is dinner served and who's toasting the Bride & Groom.

Meet Our Bridal Party
Often the Bridal Party members are the ones who do the most work and get the least recognition. Let everyone at your wedding know who those lovely people are sitting with you at that big long table.

Thank You
There are always people to thank and never enough time. Use this catcher to let all the special people involved in your day know just how amazing they are.

Rehearsal Schedule
Worried about your Bridal Party not making it to all your important pre/post wedding events? With this cootie catcher in hand they've have no excuse!

Mad Lib
Ask your guests to share their best advice for the new couple with this fun to fill out wedding mad lib. Who knows, they might come in handy some day!

Place Card
Everyone needs a place to sit and with this design one outer flap is left blank for you to fill in with your guests name and table number or, for a more streamlined look, email me for a quote where I will take your guests list/seating assignment and I'll make a personalized catcher for each guest.

Let your guests take this neat cootie catcher home with info about a charity or organization close to your heart!

Picture Insert
You know what they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Include one of your favourite snapshots of the two of you and let your smiles say everything.

At a wedding everyone wants to know what's for dinner. Take the wondering out of the evening by including your menu hidden inside the catcher.

Need a little extra time to fix your makeup and hair? Keep your guests busy with a wedding related wordsearch and they won't even notice the extra time you take!

Photo Scavenger Hunt
"Use your camera & look around,
Hunt for those pictures that need to be found!
Shoot away and complete the list,
Find moments the photographer may have missed!"
(include a list of the shots you're looking for and you never know, you might have a budding Annie Leibovitz amongst your friends!)

Each of the following cootie catchers *does not* have room for Questions and Answers about the Bride & Groom.
Ceremony Program
The classic, but still unique, ceremony program option. Included is 4 sections for info about your ceremony. Suggestions for sections include Bride's Side, Groom's Side, Thank You & Ceremony.