Font Options

I am a total font fiend! It gets a little crazy when my husband and I are out and I can point at a sign and say "oohh look at that awesome use of Angelic War!" He gives me a funny look and we move on, but fonts are truly my second love.

I've compiled a list here of the fonts I currently have {as of 04/09/12}

I highly suggest picking out two fonts. One can be totally fancy and ornate for your names/date on the outer corners and headlines and the other should be a simpler one for the Q&A's and all the important info. Let me know if you need a hand selecting a complementary font.

(click for a closer look)

If you don't see anything here that you like please visit:
* {my favourite!}
Most of the time the files from these sites are safe, if however you do select a font that is from a corrupted file I'll do my best to search out an alternative source or find an option as similar as I can.