Question Examples

Each cootie catcher holds 8 questions (unless you are ordering a Ceremony Program in which case there is no room for questions).

When ordering ONE set of questions please include 8 Q&As.
When ordering TWO sets of questions please include 16 Q&As.
When ordering THREE sets of questions please include 24 Q&As.
When ordering FOUR sets of questions please include 32 Q&As.
When ordering FIVE sets of questions please include 40 Q&As.

Please try to keep answers short to save space (if the question uses (bride/groom) please choose either bride or groom to complete the question):

Pepsi or Coke?
Chips or Cheeto's?
Candy or Chocolate?
What is (bride/groom)’s favorite sport?
What is (bride/groom)’s favorite store?
What is (bride/groom)’s favorite meal?
What is their favorite type of food?
What is their favorite ice cream flavor?
What is their favorite restaurant?
What is their favorite board game?
What is their favorite sport?
What is their favorite vacation spot?
What is their favorite TV show?
What is their favorite band?
What is their favorite holiday?
What is their favorite drink?
What is his/her favorite book?
What is his/her favorite movie?
What is his/her favorite junkfood?
Who is his/her favorite professional athlete?
What is his/her favorite color?
What is his/her favorite song?
What is his/her favorite thing to do on weekends?
What is his/her favorite childhood memory?
What is his/her favorite magazine?
What is his/her favorite bar/place to hangout?
What is his/her favorite city to visit?
What is his/her favorite season?
What is his/her favorite thing to do on a rainy day?
What is his/her favorite author?
Where was (bride/groom) born?
How/where did they meet?
Who made the first move?
Where was their first date?
Where was their first kiss?
What was the first film they saw together?
When is their anniversary?
How long have they been dating?
How did he win her heart?
How did she win his heart?
Who said, “I love you,” first?
Did (groom) ask (bride)'s father permission?
Did (groom) get down on one knee?
How much taller is (bride/groom)?
Who is older and by how much?
What would their ideal date night be?
What does (bride/groom) love most about (groom/bride)?
What are their petnames for each other?
What flower does (groom) give (bride)?
How many children would they like?
What are their favorite kid's names?
What do they do for fun?
What is (bride/groom)'s worst habit?
Do they have any pets?
What is their pet’s name?
Who takes out the garbage?
Who does the laundry most often?
Who cooks (the best/worst) dinner?
Who hates cleaning the bathtub?
Who walks the dog?
Who is the handiest around the house?
Who 'wears the pants'?
Who gives the best massages?
Who is the biggest flirt

Who has the wackiest family
Who's the better driver
Who's the faster driver
Who spends the most time in front of a mirror
Who takes longer to get ready?
Who is in control of the checkbook
Who is most likely to eat desert for breakfast

Who is in charge of the remote
Who is most likely to pass gas in front of the other first
Who's the better kisser
Who will be the first to fall asleep tonight
Who has the smelliest feet
Who steals the cover's more?

Who popped the question
Who says "I love you" the most in one day
Who talks more
Who's most likely to use up all the hot water
Who's most likely to get lost
Who's most likely to ask for directions
Who's the first one to make up after a fight
Who's the most likely to wake up grumpy in the morning
Who spends more money
How does (bride/groom) take their coffee/tea?
What does (bride/groom)'s name mean?
Who is (bride/groom)'s hero/role model?
What is (bride/groom)'s goal in life?
What does (bride/groom) do for a living?
When is (bride/groom)’s birthday?
What are their birthstones?
What team does the (bride/groom) root for?
What instrument(s) do they play?
What do they spend all their money on?
What were their college majors?
What is (bride/groom)'s dream job?
How do you say “I Love You” in (French Spansh, Japanese, etc)?
Who is the Best Man?
Who is the Maid of Honor?
Who is the Flower Girl?
Who is the Ring Bearer?
Where are they honeymooning?
What is (bride/groom)’s ring made of?
Where is (bride/groom)’s ring from?
Where will they live?
Will they live happily ever after? (YES!)
What is the bride’s “something old”?
What is the bride’s “something new”?
What is the bride’s “something borrowed”?
What is the bride’s “something blue”?
What flowers are in the bride’s bouquet?
Who picked the flowers?
Who picked out the meal?
Who picked the DJ?
Who picked out the wedding colors?
Who picked out the invitations?
What is the (bride/groom)'s favorite wedding tradition?
What is the (bride/groom)'s least favorite wedding tradition?

Make sure to double check your spelling! I copy&paste directly from what you send me.