How to Fold (Directions)

What Do I Need?
* Cutting Mat or Board (something heavy that the knife won't penetrate and scratch your table)
* Straight Edge (metal rulers work well)
* Boxcutter or Exacto Knife (please be careful, these can be very sharp)
* Your Cootie Catcher (printed as per instructions on your chosen paper)

Step 1:
Using your straightedge and an exacto knife cut along the dotted line as indicated on your design.

The paper should now be a perfect (or near perfect) square.

Step 2:
With the design face down fold one edge on top of the other, creating a rectangle.

Unfold and repeat with the opposite side.

Step 3:
Unfold and face printed side down.

Step 4:
Take each point of the square and fold it so the point touches the centre (where all the creases meet). Be careful not to overlap the folds.

Step 5:
Turn the whole thing over so you're working with the back side now.

Step 6:
Take the new points of the square and fold them so they each touch the centre as well.

Step 7:
Fold in half. Unfold and repeat with other side.

Step 8:
With your fingers under the flaps, push the four outside corners together so that you have something resembling a flower shape.

*Remember, practice makes perfect. If you have any problems please do not hesitate to email me with your questions {darlinggirlpaper [!at]}  Thanks!