This is going to be a collection of some of the designs I've done in the past or are currently working on, it is a work in project at the moment so please check back often for new designs. If you see one that you like {or elements of one} let me know and we'll see what we can do about making it yours!

{click on images for a closer look}

{Nautical; Fonts: Bickley Script and Cochin}
{Spring Inspired; Fonts: Chopin Script and Cochin}
{Grey and Canary Yellow; Fonts: odstemplik and Optima}
{Garden Inspired; Font: BlackAdder}
{Romantic Tree; Fonts: YoungLove and Optima}
{Sunflowers; Fonts: Hanford and Copperplate}

{Royal Blue and Brown; Fonts: Feel Script and Cochin}

{Distressed Design; Fonts: Angelic War and Champagne&Limousines}

{Adorable Owl; Fonts: peach sundress and Amanda}

{Sunset Rose; Fonts: Eutemia and Century Gothic}